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Modeling And Optimization Of Lcd Optical Performance

RRP $173.95

Focusing on polarization matrix optics in many forms, this book includes coverage of a wide range of methods which have been applied to LCD modeling, ranging from the simple Jones matrix method to elaborate and high accuracy algorithms suitable for off-axis optics. Researchers and scientists are constantly striving for improved performance, faster response times, wide viewing angles, improved colour in liquid crystal display development, and with this comes the need to model LCD devices effectively. The authors have significant experience in dealing with the problems related to the practical application of liquid crystals, in particular their optical performance.

Key features:

  • Explores analytical solutions and approximations to important cases in the matrix treatment of different LC layer configurations, and the application of these results to improve the computational method
  • Provides the analysis of accuracies of the different approaches discussed in the book
  • Explains the development of the Eigenwave Jones matrix method which offers a path to improved accuracy compared to Jones matrix and extended Jones matrix formalisms, while achieving significant improvement in computational speed and versatility compared to full 4x4 matrix methods
  • Includes a companion website hosting the authors' program library LMOPTICS (FORTRAN 90), a collection of routines for calculating the optical characteristics of stratified media, the use of which allows for the easy implementation of the methods described in this book. The website also contains a set of sample programs (source codes) using LMOPTICS, which exemplify the application of these methods in different situations

Optical And Electrical Properties

RRP $174.95

This fourth volume in the series 'Physics and Chemistry of Materials with Layered Structures' is concerned with providing a critical review of the significant optical and electrical properties by established authors who have themselves made many significant contributions to these fields. Research into these materials has recently gained a new impetus and their fascinating properties have attracted many new research workers. These people should find much of value in the reviews contained in this volume and the editor is very much indebted for the painstaking and hard work put into the preparation of the various chapters by the authors. The optical properties provide useful information for deriving the band struc- tures, a knowledge of which is required for an interpretation of measurements on the electronic properties. The chapters by Dr Evans, Dr Williams and Dr Bordas describe different techniques which have provided much detailed data on this subject. An interesting property of these materials is the comparative ease with which thin specimens may be prepared for these measurements and this is highlighted in the super conducting experiments outlined by Professor Frindt and Dr Huntley. These authors together with Dr Vandenberg's chapter on the magnetic properties also describe the interesting and significant intercalation mechanisms whereby a wide range of organic compounds and alkali metals may be incorporated in the lattice. This provides an additional parameter for varying the properties of these materials and may yet be seen to provide eventual possible applications of layer compounds.

Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy

RRP $352.99

Glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy (GDOES) is an essential technique for the direct analysis of bulk solids, for elemental surface analysis and for the depth profiling of thin films and industrial coatings. The technique has shown rapid growth in numbers of instruments, in breadth of applications, in improved quantification in recent years and is now a recognised technique within the ISO, with two international standards. Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy: A Practical Guide takes the reader on a journey through instrument operation, sample preparation, analysis, and reporting results. It follows two sets of samples through the whole process of analysis, brass samples for bulk analysis, and zinc-coated steel for depth profiling. Procedures are consistent with ISO standards and each step is loaded with hands-on tips and theoretical insight. The book also includes unique data tables on spectral interferences, molecular bands, self-absorption and relative sputtering rates.This book is designed for those using or managing GDOES instruments and for students interested in learning the technique from a hands-on perspective. It is also an invaluable aid to those considering the purchase of a GDOES instrument, or those using GDOES results, to understand in detail how the technique works and what is involved in maintaining the instrument and achieving high quality results.


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