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Spin Glasses - A Challenge For Mathematicians

RRP $629.99

In the 1980s, a group of theoretical physicists introduced several models for certain disordered systems, called "spin glasses". This rigorous book introduces this exciting new area to the mathematically minded reader. It requires no knowledge whatsoever of any physics, and contains proofs in complete detail of much of what is rigorously known on spin glasses at the time of writing.

Chalcogenide Glasses For Infrared Optics

RRP $128.95

Cutting-edge techniques for yielding high-quality chalcogenide glasses

This pioneering work describes the technology, developed over a 50-year period, to utilize chalcogenide glasses as infrared optical materials. Methods for qualitatively identifying chalcogenide glass compositions and producing high-purity homogeneous glass are discussed.

"Chalcogenide Glasses for Infrared Optics" includes unique production techniques developed through the author's work at both Texas Instruments (TI) and Amorphous Materials, Inc. (AMI). The production of vacuum float zoned silicon, gallium arsenide, and cadmium telluride, all useful in infrared technology, is explained. The book highlights examples of how glass composition can be changed to enhance a particular property.

Coverage includes: Transmission of light by solids Physical properties of chalcogenide glasses Glass production Careful characterization of glass properties Conventional lens fabrication--spherical surfaces Molding of unconventional aspheric lenses with diffractive surfaces Glass processes for other applications IR imaging bundles made from chalcogenide glass fibers Production of infrared crystalline materials at AMI Development of an automatic ellipsometer system at TI

Chemistry Of Glasses

RRP $903.99

Continuing developments in glass science and technology have necessitated the revision of this successful work, which provides up-to-date coverage of the chemistry of glasses. A thorough treatment of the molecular structure and chemistry of the glassy state is presented in order that the relationsip between properties and function in glasses may be appreciated. For the new edition, two new chapters have been added; one dealing with the chemistry of glass batch reactions and the other with the sol-gel method of glass making. A further new section has been included on the strength of glasses. The formation and transformations of glasses are discussed, followed by chapters on physical properties, chemical durability, redox reactions and acid-base concepts. The author then shows how colour originates in glasses and finally considers the polymeric nature of glass-forming melts. This text should be useful as both a text and reference to all those studying glass whether as chemists, materials scientists, or glass scientists and technologists. This book should be of interest to senior undergraduates/graduates and professionals in materials science, glass technology and ceramics.


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